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Where do I find the Mint Mark on Silver Eagle Dollar coins?


Silver Eagle dollars minted in 2008 will either have no mint mark indicating that the coin was minted at the Philadelphia United States Mint, or a W mint mark indicating that the coin was produced at the West Point United States mint. 


   The West Point mint is reserved for making special collector coins and coin sets.  Seldom will they make coins that go into general circulation.


Location of mint mark


Mint Mark Location  

The W mint mark will appear on the reverse side of the Silver Eagle dollar.  If a coin has a W mint mark you will find it below the eagle and right above the words "1 oz. FINE SILVER".


   In 2008 the United States Mint made "W mint" American Eagle one ounce dollar coins in both proof and uncirculated condition.  These were sold in dark blue collector boxes. 


   The proof version was US Mint item # Z86, the W mint Uncirculated dollar was mint item # Z8f.  Both types, along with coins that came in the unmintmarked bullion silver eagle rolls, contain one troy ounce of pure 99.99% silver and have "1 oz. Fine Silver" printed on the reverse side.

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