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History of the Silver Eagle Dollar


Rare 2008 American Eagle silver dollars discovered


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Mint Marks on Silver Eagle dollars


Types of Silver Eagles minted in 2008 :

~ W mint uncirculated

~ Uncirculated Rolls

~ Proof Silver Eagles

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Types of US Silver Eagle Dollars

Minted in 2008

American Eagle silver dollars are issued in several forms.  All forms contain 1 full (troy) ounce of solid silver.  What distinguishes one version from another is the finish or mint marks of the coins.  In 2008 the US mint issued Silver Eagle dollars in the following versions:

Rolls of Bullion Silver Eagles

Roll of Silver Eagle dollars

 Rolls of Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) 2008 dollars come with twenty coins in a tube. Each bullion dollar contains one ounce of solid silver.  The US Mint issues these tubes of dollars in Boxes of 25 rolls, with each roll having a snap on green top.
Side view of American Eagle dollar roll
Mint rolls are not shrink wrapped in plastic. Since they are not sealed by the mint, most coin dealers will apply a piece of strong tape to the cap, so that they remain sealed while being shipped or stored.


Silver investors often like these rolls of American Silver Eagles, because they sell at prices closer to the silver bullion price than the proof or gift box coins. 


The mint does not include a certificate of authenticity with rolls of uncirculated rolls of 2008 silver eagles. 


Where to buy rolls of American Silver Eagles

Proof American
Silver Eagles

Proof Silver Eagles are considered the top-of-the line as far as quality.  Each proof coin is handled with the utmost care and struck at least two times with special polished coin dies.  The result is a mirror like background finish, with a cameo or frosted design. 

1st year proof American Silver Eagle dollar

1986 was the first year of proof silver eagle dollars.

The silver eagle design has remained the same each year.

Proof 2008 silver eagle dollars (US Mint item #z86) cost more than other forms of silver eagles, priced higher by the US Mint to recover the special minting and handling costs. 

During some years fewer American Eagle coins were sold. Silver eagle coin mintages are lower for some years and varieties.  Expect to pay substantially more for those coins.

Each mint issued proof dollar comes housed in a colored velvet lined box and includes a certificate of authenticity (COA) from the mint.

More about the 2008 American Eagle One ounce Silver Proof Coin.

Where to purchase proof 2008 silver eagles


W Mint coins

Beginning in 2006 the US mint decided to issue uncirculated silver eagles in individual boxes.


The brilliant uncirculated silver eagles are given the "W" mint mark, to distinguish them from the bullion silver eagles that come in rolls.

(Individually issued directly from the US Mint.)

 Uncirculated 2008 silver eagle dollar









More - For more about the W mint 2008 Silver Eagle dollar coins click here.





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Rare 2008 W mint Uncirculated silver dollar discovered.

Click here to see article about this unique coin variety


Independently Graded and Authenticated coins

Independent Coin Grading services often authenticate and grade silver eagle coins, and then encapsulate those coins in a protective holder.

First Strike PCGS graded silver eagle dollar

PCGS certified and grade 2008-W proof silver eagle dollar

Notice the grade of PR69 DCAM on the insert in this tamper resistant holder.


News Update:

US Mint stops sales of proof silver eagles unexpectedly - . . . . "The recent volatile precious metal prices have caused disruptions in the supply chain and...."  ". . . .they have decided to stop production and sales of the Proof version of the 2008 American Eagle silver coins in order to. . . . "   read more




Holders and Packaging for American Eagle coins

Silver eagle dollars are also sold housed in various other holders and packaging after coins have left the mint.  Some holders are for purchase, such as AirTite individual  holders.  Other types of holders such as grading company "slabs" can only be obtained when a coin is submitted to a grading service such as PCGS, NGC, or ANACS.  Grading services will (for a fee) grade and certify a coin as authentic.  Then seal the graded coin in a protective plastic slab holder.

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Gift Boxes for coins

Silver eagle dollars are often sold in individually packaged Silver Eagles gift boxes for presentation and gift giving.  Several coin dealers sell empty gift boxes for housing or storing your coins.


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