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History of the Silver Eagle Dollar


Rare 2008 American Eagle silver dollars discovered


Articles about Silver Eagles and Coins:

~Mint stops production

~Are silver eagle $'s legal tender? 

~Reasons to buy certified coins


Mint Marks on Silver Eagle dollars


Types of Silver Eagles minted in 2008 :

~ W mint uncirculated

~ Uncirculated Rolls

~ Proof Silver Eagles

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Do you love silver eagle dollars?   Or, would you like to find out more about them? 


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On this coin collecting website you can learn about:

~ the history of the American silver eagle dollar,

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~ discover some interesting silver eagle facts, such as the rare variety of Silver Eagle coins minted in 2008.  


2008 silver eagle dollar one ounce coins    proof 2008 silver eagle one oz coins

Silver Eagle coins were minted in Uncirculated and Proof condition

( See Types of Silver Eagles )


Three types of 2008 American Silver Eagle one ounce dollar coins were made:

1.)  Bullion silver eagle coins - sold by the US government in rolls

2.)  Uncirculated "W" mint dollars - sold by the US mint individually

3.)  Proof US silver eagles - sold by the US mint individually


History of the American Silver Eagle Dollars

Did you know that the US silver eagle dollar coins were first minted by the United States government in 1986?  Click Here to learn more about Silver dollar history.


2008 Rare "U" Variety Silver Eagles  

If you are one of the fortunate coin collectors, you may own an unusual scarce variety of the 2008 silver eagle. The US mint changed the reserve when they went from minting 2007 to 2008 silver eagles.  During the changeover process a few of the first "W" Mint uncirculated 2008 silver eagles minted were accidently made with scarce 2007 reverses.  This scarce coin variety is only found on the Uncirculated W Mint 2008 dollars. The differences are minor.  See our article to find out how you can tell if you have the scarce variety.

rare reverse silver eagle dollar for 2008

Coin Dealer experts say that perhaps as few as 40 to 50 thousand such error rarities were shipped from the mint.   See additional  2008 US Silver Eagle dollar rarity information on our webpage. 


Did you know that American Silver Eagle 1 ounce coins are sometimes called:

  • American Silver Eagles

  • ASE's (for American Silver Eagles)

  • Silver Eagles

  • Eagle dollars

  • Silver Eagle Dollars

  • US Silver Eagles

  • Silver Eagle coins

  • Walking Liberty Dollars

  • Silver Eagle Dollar coins

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